State of Investor Trust and Transparency Report - Phoenix Mktng Intl - June 2017


In its report, “The State of Investor Trust and Transparency,” Phoenix comprehensively explores the gaps in today's investment reporting and presents the measurable impact on investor's trust in the reports provided by financial advisors, 401(k) plan administrators, and financial firms. The Report also  provides institutions with a roadmap to build best-in-class reporting capabilities to differentiate from the competition, win new business, and retain existing customers.

To download an infographic revealing our findings, please follow this link.

Report Section 1: Exploring Current 
Reporting Standards
  • Offers key insight into which investment performance metrics investors value most including returns, fees, and other key performance indicators.
  • Reveals the extent to which investors’ are skeptical of the accuracy and reliability of performance information when it appears to be reported by financial advisors through white-labeled reporting.
Report Section 2: Recommendations for Building Differentiated Reporting
  • Offers detailed insight, based on key investor survey data, as to which performance metrics, at a minimum, institutions should be providing their investors.
  • Breaks down and provides key recommendations for the order in which institutions should prioritize new investment performance metrics as they become available.
  • Provides a complete roadmap for instituting best-in-breed reporting capabilities. 

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